Fuel cell technology has been around for a while in applications that range from large scale power production to miniature fuels cells used in portable devices to power satellites, computers and medical devices such as hearing aids and pacemakers. Unlike traditional batteries they are essentially simple and operate silently, with few or no moving parts. They are eco-friendly and don't produce any harmful emissions.
Oxy-gen powered fuel cells are an innovative development of hydrogen-powered fuel cells which improves the reliability of the air care system to deliver pure fresh fragrance and odour neutraliser continuously for the duration of the cartridge life.
The patented gas cell releases a precise dosage of Oxygen. The Oxygen is pumped into the sealed chamber and displaces the fragrance from the bag, delivering a precise dose of fragrance onto the emanator pad. Fragrance molecules are dispersed by the natural air movement within the area or room.


How it works

Product Covered by the following patents
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Additional patents pending


Continuous, Consistent ambient fragrance

Oxy-Gen Powered Air Freshness systems out perform all other air care systems. The fragrance from metered aerosol systems is initially strong but fades quickly between each spray. Fragrance from gels and liquid products evaporate quickly because they are designed to be open to the environment. The performance of passive systems that rely on gravity to disperse fragrance, and other active continuous fragrancing systems, depends largely on the environmental conditions and is not guaranteed to work every time, all the time.
With Oxy-Gen Powered technology, the fragrance intensity is consistent and continuous throughout the cartridge life.


Fragrance Engineering

Our products use pure, fragrance oils that are compatible with the Oxy-Gen delivery technology and maintain their intensity throughout the cartridge life. A proprietary neutralising agent, Neutra-Lox™, ensures that any bad odours are not just masked, but locked in and eliminated, giving the room a bright and fresh smelling atmosphere.



Oxy-Gen cartridge Technology

Once the cartridge is activated in the dispenser, the fragrance oil contained in a sealed pouch is drawn up a cellular diffuser, specifically designed so that it doesn't dry out or become saturated too quickly. Every drop of fragrance oil is gradually used as the pouch slowly empties and collapses over the chosen cartridge cycle.

Cartridges can last 30 or 60 days depending on the preferred level of fragrance strength and intensity. With the 60-day model the cartridge lasts for 60 days. The 30/60-day model offers a choice of fragrance intensity and cartridge life - choose the '30-days' setting for strong intensity or '60-days' for everyday fragrance intensity.