• How is Oxy-Gen Air Freshness different from other types of air care systems?

    The Oxy-Gen system's greatest innovation is the way it overcomes several key shortcomings in current air freshening products

    1. 1. The Oxy-Gen powered VIVA!e systems deliver a constant level of fragrance intensity consistently – whereas aerosol based systems spray at 15-minute intervals with initial high fragrance intensity that fades rapidly between sprays.
    2. 2. Oxy-Gen Air-fresheness provides a new level of environmental care by using clean power technology, reducing waste and improving transport and storage safety
    3. 3. The VIVA!e system offers customisation and flexibility in controlling fragrance intensity where other systems provide no flexibility or limit fragrance delivery.
    4. 4. The Dispensers' designer look, colours and style make the units easier to place in high image public areas.
    5. 5. The discreet reliable operation is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, humidity or altitude.
  • How are Oxy-Gen systems better for the environment than other air fresheners?

    At least 90% of air fresheners used in commercial or institutional premises are aerosol, pump spray or gel systems. Only around 10% of today's market use fuel cell technology with Oxy-Gen being the ONLY gas cell system. The growing demand for this type of technology stems from environmental concerns about VOCs(Volatile organic compounds), CFCs(chlorofluorocarbons), harmful propellants and battery disposal. Oxy-Gen air freshness refills have low VOCs, contain no harmful propellants and contain only pure fragrance oil. VIVA!e refills have an added environmental benefit because they are fully recyclable, with the power cell being housed in the dispenser, rather than the refill.

  • Can the Oxy-Gen VIVA!e Air Freshness System be switched off?

    The system is designed to work continuously to give a consistent ambient fragrance, so once the cartridge has been activated when it is fitted into the holder, it will start to emanate fragance which will continue throughout the life of the cartridge.

  • Can the fragrance intensity be increased?

    The VIVA!e system offers 2 fragrance intensity settings based on cartridge life. If the system is set on 30-days, the fragrance will be stronger than if it is set on 60-days. With all Oxy-Gen air fresheners, the cartridge use pure full-concentration fragrance oils that have been carefully tested and selected because they are sufficiently intense to permeate a room and create a noticeably fresh, scented atmosphere. Sometimes alternating fragrances at cartridge replacement time can make the scent more noticeable, as frequent exposure to the same fragrance can result in the fragrance becoming less noticeable through familiarity.

  • How is the Oxg-Gen Air Freshness System supplied?

    The dispenser is supplied separately to the cartridge. Each dispenser is supplied with 1 key and wall mounting fixing screws and wall plugs. They are packed in boxes of 6 individual units. The cartridges are supplied fully assembled and ready to insert into the holder. They are packed in boxes of 6 cartridges per box.

  • How long does each cartridge last?

  • How is Oxy-Gen Powered Air Freshness system better than other wick-based products?

    A great deal of development has gone into the cellular filter which is where the fragrance emanates into the atmosphere. Many of the other wick-based products have a tendency to either dry out or become saturated. The system used in Oxy-Gen Powered cartridges diffuses the fragrance gradually while keeping its structure intact.