5 reasons for choosing Oxy-Gen Powered SHIELD



Vandal & Tamper Proof

The system's smooth contours means that potential vandals are unable to grip and tamper with the system. SHIELD adds style to your facility
without compromising security and effectiveness.


Eco Friendly System  

The stainless steel body of the system reduces the usage of plastic. Oxy-Gen Powered refills do not have harmfull emissions, solvents or propellants. Low VOCs mean it is ideal for green building and LEED certification requirements. The system can reduce the amount of VOCs being emitted by up to 90% when compared to aerosol cans. The refill is 100% recyclable and safe to dispose of in your regular plastic recycling waste.


Designed for Style and Protection

Made of robust stainless steel with anti-vandal locking device, SHIELD looks stylish in every setting.


Free-flowing Air Freshness

SHIELD's unique ventilation design ensures maximum airflow so that fresh fragrance is carried into the room.


Consistent Fragrance Levels- Guaranteed

SHIELD uses patented Oxy-Gen Powered technology to deliver consistent and continuous levels of fragrance and odour control for the full life of each refill.




Transport terminals 

Schools & Colleges 

Sports Stadiums & Concert arenas 

Retail Parks & Shopping Malls