Oxy-Gen Powered Publishes Free E-Book on Odor Elimination Strategies

Date: 19 May 2020

ATLANTA – May 19, 2020 – Oxy-Gen Powered, a leader in innovative odor eliminating solutions, has published an educational e-book, “The Impact of Odors on an Organization’s Bottom Line.” The free e-book reveals the effects of malodors on the perception of various types of facilities, such as restaurants, hotels and retail stores. It also highlights different approaches to odor control, and recommendations for removing unpleasant indoor odors. Click Here to access the free e-book. 

“As facilities reopen and welcome customers back, having the right odor elimination system is more critical than ever,” said Chris Whiting, Executive Vice President – North America, Oxy-Gen Powered. “Our e-book offers a closer look at not only how odors become a bigger issue for organizations, but specific strategies managers can implement to successfully avoid the issue altogether.”  

Informative for facility managers and building service contractors, Oxy-Gen’s e-book is an action-oriented report for dealing with malodors. Major talking points include:

• Detailed data from a survey conducted by The Harris Poll that demonstrates the negative impacts of malodors

  • • Traditional options that facilities typically use to address odors, as well as new technology to consider 

  • • Suggestions for a comprehensive odor elimination program 

The e-book emphasizes the importance of using the right solution to conquer malodors at the molecular level rather than simply masking them. It addresses concerns such as scent duration, sustainability and selecting the right fragrance for your brand. 

Click Here to access the free e-book. 

About Oxy-Gen Powered

Oxy-Gen Powered is an innovator in odor elimination, offering effective and economical air-freshening solutions that deliver Freshness, All the Time! Patented fuel-cell technology is powered by pure oxygen to deliver consistent and continuous fragrance intensity. Unlike metered aerosols, gel and liquid products and passive systems, Oxy-Gen Powered’s reliable, safe and eco-friendly solutions eliminate malodors, rather than mask them. For more information, visit www.oxygenpowered.com.