Unparalleled air freshness from Oxy-Gen Powered debuts at Interclean Amsterdam 2022

Date: 18 May 2022

Amsterdam- 10 May 2022- At an exclusive launch held at the Interclean Amsterdam 2022, Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd (FDT), unveiled their latest innovation in the Oxy-Gen Powered range, the Oxygen-Supreme Air Freshness System. Oxygen-Supreme’s revolutionary technology and futuristic design deliver an unparalleled Air Freshness experience with continuous fragrancing and odor control.

Oxygen-Supreme is the future of Air Fresheners with its consistent, reliable and efficient odor elimination technology. The exclusive, high impact, designer fragrances elevate user experience, whether it’s a washroom, office space, reception lobby, conference room, or any away-from-home facility.

Oxygen-Supreme’s patented technology is based on proven, pharmaceutical grade fuel cell technology which was initially developed to administer precise doses of medicinal fluids to treat human beings and animals. This technology guarantees that the Oxygen-Supreme system delivers a continuous and consistent level of fragrance throughout the chosen cartridge life of 30, 60 or 90 days.

Hydros Jassem, CEO, FDT, said, “In the hygiene industry, where product innovations are few and far between, FDT is one of the few companies which has continuously invested in innovation and technology. In the past 15 years, where others have failed with their products or have withdrawn their products from the market, FDT has successfully launched several new and innovative products in the Oxy-Gen Powered range that are now sold and used in over 72 countries. Since metered aerosols, there hasn’t been another reliable air care solution in the market that has delivered its promise. We are very excited to introduce Oxygen-Supreme, which is the ultimate combination of design, function and value. It not only effectively gets rid of unavoidable odors, but does it in style, improving the perception of your facility and creating a pleasant welcoming environment.”

Key features of the Oxygen-Supreme include:

  • • Guarantees consistent and continuous fragrance levels for the chosen cycle of 30, 60 or 90 days
  • • Effective malodor elimination with proprietary odor counteractant, Neutra-lox
  • • Eco-Friendly and Safe
  • • Boosted Airflow to deliver more fragrance.
  • • Clear LED light indicators provide cartridge and battery replacement reminders
  • • The dispenser has options of a simple push button opening or a lockable front cover
  • • Fragrances are compliant with CARB, EU, IFRA and REACH regulations among others.
  • • The new, modular design offers simple customization – allowing you to create an exclusive dispenser for your own brand
  • • Available in a range of colors and striking finishes with new two tone and up to four colors on a single dispenser if required for any customization
  • • 12 fantastic, fresh fragrance options in a range of intensities

Unlike other systems that only mask odors, all Oxy-Gen Powered fragrances contain Neutra-lox, a proprietary malodor eliminator which neutralizes the odor-causing molecules continuously, leaving fresh fragrance in the air. It is extremely effective against the smell of urine, feces, body odor, tobacco, pet malodor, kitchen odor, mold, mildew, etc.

Facilities such as hospitals, clinics, care homes etc, face a unique challenge, as they require high odor elimination but with low or no fragrance. A choice of two new cartridges is available, Neutra-lox Super and Kleer Natural, which are ideal for areas where low or no fragrance is desired.

Hydros Jassem added, “With the safety and wellbeing of users and service personnel being of the utmost importance, we ensure that our products are free of potentially harmful propellants, solvents, alcohols, CFCs or any added VOCs. Unlike aerosols, Oxy-Gen Powered cartridges, are not pressurized cans and do not require any special permits to store or waste-carrier licenses to transport or dispose of them. Oxy-Gen Powered cartridges are safe to recycle at the end of the cartridge life.”

The stylish, modern and functional design of the Oxygen-Supreme, makes it the ideal odor control and fragrancing solution for facilities looking for an eco-friendly system that is effective, reliable and safe.

About Fragrance Delivery Technologies

FDT, headquartered in Dubai is world-renowned for their patented, innovative Oxy-Gen Powered odor eliminator and continuous air freshening systems. Oxy-Gen Powered products are manufactured in Dubai and the award-winning products are found in 72 countries across the world in 6 continents.

For more information, visit www.oxygenpowered.com or email: communications@oxygenpowered.com