A refreshing first from Dubai!

It takes extraordinary vision and drive to develop a new technological product – a first of its kind in the world – and launch it internationally at a time of global economic recession. Even more extraordinary is that this development is happening from Dubai, a part of the world not normally associated with Away-from-Home global product development, technology or manufacturing. Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd (FDT) was set up in 2007, backed by promoters who have been extremely influential in the washroom hygiene industry for the last 20 years. This is a market that is more usually characterised by minor development innovation so the company's aim has been to launch products that are radically new and uniquely different

The result is a business that manufactures and supplies a range of air freshening systems that, for the first time, use patented 'Oxy-Gen Powered' technology to deliver benefits that include continuous round-the-clock fragrancing, significant cost-in-use savings and important environmental improvements. The innovation behind the technology for the air care market is to generate oxygen constantly to release precise doses of pure fragrance oil continuously without any harmful propellants and VOCs.

Product Technology
Research and development of 'Oxygen Generators' for air fresheners began in 2005 and is based on Fuel Cell technology that is widely believed to be the next revolution in the field of 'emission free' and 'precise' fluid delivery. This Production Supervisor Elsa inspecting the oxygen generator technology has received billions of dollars in investment by various industries and sectors, creating Oxygen Generators to deliver precise amounts of oxygen and fluids for a number of applications, including pharmaceutical, agriculture and aerospace.

FDT's promoters have led the development of this technology to fit the requirements of fragrance delivery with several patents in the USA and worldwide. Commercial production has begun with the first of the planned products – Viva Continuous Air Freshness – launched in 2011and the next generation model – the Viva-E – is ready for launch at the ISSA/Interclean international cleaning show in Amsterdam in May 2012. FDT are also developing a series of products across a spectrum of hygiene applications that will use generated oxygen as the delivery medium. The company's Managing Director Hydros Jassem explains why the "Oxy-Gen powered" technology is an improvement. "FDT air fresheners provide continuous fragrance in a room without mechanical spraying and without delivering harmful or volatile gases into the atmosphere. There are no moving gears or mechanical parts, so the system works completely silently using the oxygen generator. This clearly takes the product to a new level of environmental friendliness, without the issue of large battery disposal." The first product Viva! is a low cost dispenser and refill concept, where the dispensing unit acts merely as a holding device for the refill which is supplied fitted with the integral 'Oxygen Generator'. The refill is pre-set set to deliver fragrance over 30 or 60 days and is effective in an area of up to 4000 cft. Viva is available in five fragrances – Joy, Blush, Tang, Zest, and Spa.

The second-generation product – the new Viva-E is the world's most environmentally friendly air freshening system and the latest model to use patented 'Oxy-Gen Powered' cell technology. In this model, the 'Oxy-gen Generator' has been moved to the dispenser, making the refill cost competitive as well as fully recyclable. Each Viva-E dispenser is fitted with a long life 'Oxygen Generator' which comes with a 5-year guarantee and requires 2 AA alkaline batteries to run. Battery life is a minimum of one year and the user can choose to set the refill to work for 30 or 60 days. LEDs notify when batteries or the refill needs replacing.

In Jassem's opinion Viva-E provides "real and tangible environmental benefits" to a market that has concerns about environmental safety and responsibility. The refill contains only pure, concentrated fragrance oil and an odour neutraliser. With the power source and Oxygen Generator housed in the dispenser, the fragrance refill is fully recyclable after 30 or 60 days. In summary, it means less waste and no harmful emissions.

"Even though CFCs have been reduced, aerosols still contain a chemical mix of components that produce harmful emissions and other volatile gases.

FDT 'Oxy-Gen Powered' air fresheners provide sustainable fragrance and odour control while delivering a lower carbon footprint with care for the environment and user," he adds.Touching upon the manner in which 'Oxy-Gen Powered' air fresheners are meeting newly emerging market needs, the Managing Director states, "Customers have said they want to move from intermittent spray systems, with initial fragrance intensity that fades between sprays, to a more continuous ambient fragrance. 'Oxy-Gen Powered' air fresheners deliver that experience because the fragrance is available all the time. The compact size, silent operation and designer look of the dispenser makes it better suited to high image public areas such as offices, conference and meeting rooms, hotel rooms and reception areas."Another improvement is that the system is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, humidity or, in the case of gravity-fed system, altitude, so its performance is reliable in any conditions.

Viva! products work by drawing fragrance oil upwards against gravity, which also overcomes the common problem in the refill. of the oils leaking or pooling It provides a new level of environmental care by using clean power technology and improving transport and storage safety. Most importantly it delivers guaranteed air freshness without compromising environmental safety.

Most air freshening systems work by masking bad odours with heavy perfume. The Viva system uses a proprietary odour neutralising agent 'NeutraLox' to eliminate, not mask, any bad odours, leaving only the fresh scent in the air.


Viva-E comes with a choice of five high intensity fragrances and a range of dispenser colour options. No other continuous fragrance and odour control product uses oxygen as a delivery medium - a significant improvement that the UAE-based manufacturer claims will meet newly emerging needs and open up new air care markets.


The company is seeking partnership with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the AFH sector worldwide and are now actively building channels with AFH service companies and distributors in key markets.